Ramaa is a mother of two and a filmmaker of movies, documentaries and commercials. She was one of the directors of the Girl Rising documentary, which followed girls from around the world and their struggle to get an education. During Ramaa’s experience directing the Afghanistan segment, she became deeply dedicated to the importance of educating girls around the world.

On April 23rd when Ramaa heard the story about the 276 school girls kidnapped in Nigeria she was sickened and heartbroken; she felt a desperate need to help and a deep responsibility to encourage others to also get involved.  There was little news of the girls outside of Africa. Almost a week had gone by and the girls had not been found. Their families were searching for them without support.  Ramaa felt that it was unacceptable that a tragedy of this proportion had happened, yet the news was not covering the story, US citizens were unaware of the story. Ramaa began writing letters to her friends and family asking them to spread the news and asking them what they thought could be done to help the girls. She called, emailed and tweeted at the The White House, senators and congressman, notable individuals and anyone she could think of who could help.  She created a Facebook page where people could find information about the story and learn how to get involved.

“Together we must change the world.  Oppression can only exist in the dark – where people are unable or afraid to speak up. What a moment like this has taught me is that there is power in one voice. Because one voice can speak out to the world via social media and become a million voices. And as we socialize this message, that the Nigerian school girls matter to the world, repression becomes more difficult. And then eventually it becomes impossible. Education of girls around the world and protection of girls is the key to our future.” – Ramaa Mosley

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